Tuesday, May 13, 2008

2nd Coming Christ Ahnsahnghong Came From the East

To this bleak and dark world, Father Ahnsahnghong came from the East. As the light, He came to us at the ends of the earth. However, darkness didn't realize the light. The world turned away from the heaven's Father, Ahnsahnghong.
Father Ahnsahnghong shed precious sweat for the life of children; and the drops of sweat fell to the ground as timely rain. Through the rain of Holy Spirit, children bear abundant fruit. Oh accept our souls' praises. Father Ahnsahnghong, please accept our thanks. Father Ahnsahnghong trod thorny paths for thirty seven years. We will bear any trials, we will follow Father Ahnsahnghong's path.

To this dark and loveless world, Mother came from the East. To give life She came to us at the ends of the earth. Mother left Heaven's throne, throne of glory behind so that She might save children wandering in the dark.
She spent all Her life seeking lost children, bearing all the hard and harsh persecution of the world.. All night Our Mother's prayed for the children shedding tears. Now we can feel Mother's heartbreaking sorrow.

Father's way, Mother's path, o holy sacrifice! For the great love and tender grace we give thanks to Mother!

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