Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Funny Posts

God Bless You brothers and sisters,
in this post you can comment about the funny moments you've lived in Zion with the family, in the company of our
Father Christ Ahn Sahng Hong and our Mother the New Jerusalem.


James said...

God Bless You brother! wow! i was so amazed when i found this blog! is a very good idea to keep the Brothers and Sisters together! thanks!

Well, for the sake of the blog im going to start with a funny post, something that happened to me in my early days in Church of God World Mission Society.

First of all, i want to give all thanks and honor to our Heavenly Father Ahn Sahng Hong and to our Heavenly Mother the New Jerusalem.

I was invited to Church of God about a year ago. The first time that i went i was so amazed because of the brothers and sisters and because of the truth, but i had so many problems in keeping the Sabbath day because of my job. When i learned about the "Passover the Way to Eternal Life" i was so amazed ... Wow! i am free! no pain, no sorrow, no death... because of that Passover got ingraved in my heart... 14th day, of the first month, at twilight... the problem... nobody told me anything about sacred calendar.

Because i was still young and weak i stopped going to Church of God for a while, but I always remembered about the Passover. When the 1-14th at twilight came, i got dressed and even though i had long time i didnt go to Zion i got ready to go to celebrate the Passover.

For my surprise when i got to Zion nobody was there... i got so scared "Oh no... everybody left without me... oh God... the went to Kingdom of Heaven... I wasnt able to go..." tears almost started to run through my face when i see a deaconess, i run to her and asked her that what happened... she told me with a big smile that the Church had moved to a bigger building, she gave me the address and i went there, still ready to celebrate the Passover.

When i got there, so scared that i had missed the Feast, i saw everybody practicing preaching, working in the Church... i asked myself "what happened? why arent they celebrating the Passover?", i saw a Missionary and went running to talk to him, there they explained me about the sacred calendar... i was so relieved...

I thank Father Christ Ahn Sahng Hong for that situation, after that i went back to Zion, i didnt want everybody to leave to the Kingdom of Heaven and leave me here... I was able to keep the Passover this year on the appointed time and now i keep all the Sabbaths and Feasts of God. I thank Father Christ Ahn Sahng Hong and Mother Jerusalem for oppening my eyes and ears, and bringing me back to Zion, the city of Gods Festivals

Herald Angel of Zion said...

God bless you brothers and sisters. All thanks to Father AhnSahngHong and Mother New Jerusalem for allowing us to come together in unity through this site!

I remember when this happened. It really was hilarious. How amazing is Father and Mother? Actually, at the time, none of the members were ever near the smaller church since we had relocated- ever! But it just so happened that there was a heavenly family member there at the exact moment that brother decided to come back!!! How Father and Mother allowed him to still have the mind to come to Zion because he knew and felt truly in his heart that the Passover was the core of the Bible, the core of our salvation!! Without the Passover, we cannot live! Of course, after laughing a lot, we rejoiced that our brother had finally come home to Father and Mother again. There is nothing better than to be reunited with family!

Let's all remember, brothers and sisters, to always have Father and Mother's words etched in our hearts, just like brother did- never forgetting that our Mother is the meaning of everything in our life and without Her, we cannot live! All praise, honor and glory to our Heavenly Father Christ AhnSahngHong and our Mother who is the reality of the Passover, the New Covenant!

AngelWings said...

"But if from there you seek the LORD your God, you will find him if you look for him with all your heart and with all your soul." Deut 4:29

How funny! Our Heavenly Parents have a sense of humor! When it says They created all things, They truly mean it! Thanks to Father Christ Ahnsahnghong and Mother Jerusalem for providing us with Zion humor, sorry for the brother :)

Sharen said...

Actually when ever I heard the teaching of Passover, I never understood why it was refered to as the first month.... than January. January is the first month but not by sacred calender. This was actually a little confusing. But our Heavenly Father Christ Ahn Sahng Hong and Jerusalem Mother have done everything with a purpose. Even though I didn't understand at the time- this actually lead him to Zion! Of course the one who created humor also has one : )

JOANNE said...


jade said...

I think it's so funny. Everyone always tries to make God out to be what they want!! How can it not be hard for people to know who true God is??? I love that in the Church of God we look at each other the same way!! Instead of judging me when I first came ( I am very goofy and loud) I was welcomed with God's love and open arms! Even though I was soooo nervous going to a church that believed in Elohim God-there was always a bright smile waiting to welcome me!!! All thanks to Father Ahn Sang hong and Mother Jerusalem for letting me be loved for being myself and having mercy on this GOOFY soul!!!

elohist144 said...

God Bless You, all praises and glory to our Heavenly Father, and to our Heavenly Mother. It is amazing how Father and Mother work, I just came from Zion, had an amaizing day. Father and Mother allowed me to preach in the morning, cook through Father and Mother's grace for our heavenly family and even listen to my sister practizing preaching. Today one more time I experience that when we truly believe in our Father Christ AhnSahngHong and in our Mother New Jerusalem everything is possible, and when we allow Them to guide us, incredible results come to happen. During the night my sister wanted to preach The Secret of the Forgiveness of Sins, but she started to have a negative mind that she didn't feel like preaching it because she was not secure, but as always the power is not in us, but in our Heavenly Parents, and through few words Father and Mother told her that we cannot put our own mind and to just open her mouth and Father and Mother will speak for her. In fact, it came out beautiful, even tears came out of my eyes and began to cry. It is amazing, Mother's love and sacrifice it is always reflected when the children are doing the will of Elohim God. Now one more time Mother brings rejoice to my heart, and through this funny picture I can go to sleep with a smile on my face. God Bless all my heavenly brothers and sisters, remember that Father and Mother are always with us.
God Bless You :)

eves said...

We always have so much fun in Zion. i think evey brother and sister probably has a story to tell. one recent funny moment which i remember was when the brothers and sisters tried to do the wave on the floor with their body. we called it 'the worm' everyone tried it, from the shortest to the talled, to the skinny and um, the not so skinny. It was so Funny. I couldn't stop laughing at everyone. we had a great time. i realized that onley in zion we can feel so comfortable and just be ourselves. Thank you Father Christ AhnSahngHong for making this beautiful home for us.
Bod bless you all, my loving brothers and sisters!

FunWave said...

Ha ha ha... I remember that day!

I was SOOO funny!! I totally lost some of my voice by the end of the night, only from laughing! I tried and tried to hide myself because i knew i was not going to do it right. But guess what? How can i hide from all knowing, all seeing God. Of course, i had to try and do "the worm". Even though i'm a sister, nope, i still had to try. It was hillarious!! I was stuck to the floor and don't think even moved! Other brothers and sisters were sooo funny too. Remember the brother that kept trying and trying?? It seemed like if he was diving on the wooden floor. But because of his determination and pure mind, it almost worked at the end! Ha ha. I can't wait to have another fellowship time together with Father AhnSangHong and Mother Jerusalem

elohist144 said...

God bless you all, praises and glory to the King of kings, our Father Christ AhnSahngHong, and to the Light of lights, our Heavenly Mother New Jerusalem.

Something funny that happen to a sister on her firt visit to Zion.

In Zion normally we all used to take out our shoes to go into the felloship room, and on that day a new sister came, and someone came to the new sister and told her: "Here use Zion's socks, so that you can come in" because the new sister was not wearing any socks. The new sister looked shocked, and she said: "No, thank you, I don't want to use the brother' socks" because she thought that Zion was a person. When they explained that Zion was the Church she was really embarassed and could not stop laughing at herself.

Jenny said...

God Bless You Brothers and Sisters!!

Ok, ok... i have a really funny one. During one of the Feast of God, the choir sang a beautiful song to Father AhnSahngHong and Mother Jerusalem. It was being recorded. When the time came and we saw the video, something in it was hilarious!!

In the video, the camerabrother was slowing focusing on each member. Suddenly, the camera focuses on a sister that was standing right in front of a beautiful flower arrangement. We could not see the arrangement, all we saw was the sister and coming out of her ears were two big white Lillies. It seemed so natural! She had two extraterrestial ears!

Little by little, we all started laughing at her. She was also watching the video and didn't realize why we were laughing and looking at her. Then she looked closely at herself in the video. There she was, singing a beautiful song to God Almighty with two big ears potruding out! Ha ha ha...

Now, EVERYtime i have the oportunity to grab something big and white, who do you think i imitate? Yes, the sister with the flower ears.

Thank You Father AhnSahngHong and Mother Jersualem for giving us so many funny moments in Zion!

childoflaughter said...

I believe that the funniest thing I saw in Zion was the re-make of the movie "The Matrix" Zion style. Seeing our Brothers put on a performance that not only was great acting but the props were so funny. The best part I believe was when the ORACLE appeared among the audience. Those who were there you know what I mean. All Thanks to Father Christ AhnsangHong and Mother for allowing us to feel a miniscule of a moment that we had in heaven.

Chip Medley said...

Smiles, smiles,and more smiles. O, not to forget all the laughing. That's what struck me to odd when I first came to Zion. If you really think, it should be odd not to smile. I went to so many church's but was alway's greeted with a few "Hello's" and a lot glances. I thoutht why are all the peaple so happy? What's in the water? Then studying the bible with an open mind to hear God, I came to find out the reason. Eternal Life!! Once just hearing it mentioned afew times in the past I came to realize it's not a myth or rumor. It's something that only Christ Ahnsanghong made come true in this dark unhappy world. He gave the water of life that is in the bible. So keep smiling. It makes people wonder.

Jenny said...

This is somthing funny that happend to me:

I learned through the Bible that God actually lets us know how we can have Eternal Life. ONLY through celebrating God's Passover, we can have eternal life, otherwise, we are dead in God's eyes. Okay, it was interesting and good to know.

It was a month or so LATER, that a brother in Zion said "oh, we can't die". I was sooo puzzled by this. Then i was reminded that through the Passover we have ETERNAL LIFE. Meaning, you don't die! At that moment i was soooo shocked. "WHAT!!??? WE DON'T DIE!!?"

How SLOW i am to understand God's words. ETERNAL LIFE means NO DEATH. It took me so long to understand this! Now i see why is it that there has been no death in the Church of God!

When i try to explain to my family and friends about this, they simply don't understand. That's why i truly give thanks to Christ AhnSahngHong and Mother Jerusalem. It was only because of Their mercy that they allowed me to stay in Zion and understand about having Eternal Life. I'm no different than anybody out there, but They simply chose me.

Thank You GOD for letting me call Your name; Christ AhnSahngHong and Heavely Jerusalem.

CherubAngel said...

haha what a great picture..before the I attended church of God world mission Society, i was always so down and empty but as soon as i stepped inside, everyones faces looked like that! I couldnt believe it, and it was actually genuine which is hard to find these days..There are too many funny times to write about but just thinking about how great our Heavenly Father Christ AhnSahngHong is and our Heavenly Mother Jerusalem are, it makes me want to smile that big.:)